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Watch my video above to find out how therapy might be useful for you in your life.  

Going to see someone about  concerns you have takes courage,  but you also want to know whether your investment of time and resources will pay off.   The large majority (over 80%) of people who have used psychological services report that they were helped by the experience and that they got what they wanted.   Individual therapy and couples' therapy or marriage counseling work best when there are clear goals for the services.  Your goals might be:

    to feel better,  be less depressed or anxious

    to communicate better with your spouse or partner

    to get along better with friends and co-workers

    to attract better relationships in your life

    to divorce as amicably as possible

    to heal from an affair

    to have a more satisfactory marriage
You should see someone about your marriage,  your relationship,  an affair, your personal life, or even a possible divorce who has experience with your type of concerns.    I have been a psychologist in practice for over 25 years,  and I have specialized in couples' therapy, marriage counseling,  and relationships for the last 15 years.   You want to see someone that you feel comfortable with,  who listens carefully and respectfully to your concerns, and who seems to know how to help you articulate what you want.    My clients appreciate that I am goal-focused,  practical,   solution-oriented,  and direct.    I also believe in using approaches and models that have been shown to be effective over time.   I also believe in getting ongoing feedback and information from the people I see about whether what we are doing is helpful and providing what they need.   

If you are feeling depressed or anxious

If your marriage or relationship seems to be crumbling

If you are confused or upset a lot

If you just found out your spouse or partner had an affair

If you can't decide whether your relationship is viable

If you want to learn how to give and receive love

If you are close to giving up on your relationship or marriage

Give me a call,  and we can talk specifically about your situation on the phone.    I will either get you scheduled with me or help you find someone who knows more about your particular concerns.   I"ll spend time with you to determine how you can proceed to get what you need. I look forward to hearing from you.      

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     Individual & Couples therapy,  relationship counseling, marital therapy in Charlotte, N.C.

             " Love is not what you's what you do."     Madelyn Engle